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"This underground (actually under a water lily pond) Temple has all the simple and bold volumes you would expect from Ando.
It is an annex to a Buddhist sanctuary and its entrance is located in the middle of the pond.
The above ground portion of this structure, in the form of a circle, unfortunately, can not be seen as a whole by visitors who are too close to see it.
As a result, if was very difficult to photograph... as the quality of these photos atest.
The architectural concept itself, a water temple below the water, is what makes this work unique and a significant piece of architecture."

Travel: 1998

all photos are copyright d. holmes chamberlin jr, architect

Entrance gardens, Awaji Temple, Japan (1998).

A straight wall sets off the curved wall on one side of the pond/temple, Awaji, Japan (1998)

The entry to the temple is located in a narrow stair down into the center of the pond, Awaji, Japan (1998)


Adjoining the awaji temple, is a mixture of historic agricultural fields and industrial structures, Awaji, Japan (1998).

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